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Alignment Coaching With Emilee

Alignment Coaching combines all of Emilee's tools into a customized experience to help you reach your alignment goals. 

One-on-one coaching either online or in-person will give you the intimate experience of realizing and manifesting your desires through self-awareness and other Yoga practices. 

When you book an alignment package, you will receive a one-hour intake call, two: one-hour sessions per month, unlimited online yoga classes, one weekly text, and unlimited emails. 


During your one-hour sessions you will have an individualized experience of any combination of Reiki energy healing, physical Yoga practice, Intuitive guidance, sound healings, guided mediations, and manifestation expertise. 

Emilee has her wellness coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and an extensive history of holistic wellness via food, mindset, and spiritual practices. 

Book a free consultation today! 

Emilee's Alignment Coaching does not replace medical treatment/guidance, mental health treatment/guidance, or any medical professional's recommendations on a participant's health/wellbeing. Emilee is not responsible for a participant's decision(s) regarding love, finances, family, or any other changes a person may make while working with her. Everyone has their own free will and free decision making. Emilee aims to empower participants to make the decisions they feel are best for themselves. 

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